Vogelsang Nuclear Base

In 1962 The Cuban Missile Crisis brought the world closer to nuclear war than ever before, but what the west didn’t know at the time was that the Soviets already had Nuke’s in their backyard! This is the amazing, secret storey of Vogelsang.

Bunker 2 (video)

The second of two civil defence bunkers we managed to find our way into. Its amazing what is down here and all pretty easy to see in this video as the electricity was still on in this bunker so we switched the lights on.

Bunker 1 (video)

A very rare opportunity to see inside a secret Soviet Civil Defence bunker situated beneath a key part of Kiev’s public transport network. In the event of a nuclear attack by Britain or the USA the dated equipment in these bunkers (which is still present and working) would be used to track civilian casualties and damage on the surface. Today the bunkers which are still owned by the government, officially form part of the countries civil defence planning, ironically they are now more likely to be used to protect Ukraine from Russia than from the West. Can you believe what has been left inside when they were mothballed?

Ukraine Civil Defence Bunkers

A rare opportunity to see inside Soviet era civil defence bunkers under the streets of Kiev that are still officially in use, but which have hardly been touched since the break up of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war.

The U-Boat Bunker

This is the bunker complex from where Admiral Karl Dönitz commanded the German U-Boat’s towards the end of WWII. It is now mostly derelict, but the underground bunker remains intact if you can find the small concealed entrance in the woodland.