Podolsk Bridge

One of the best places to see the sunset in Kiev is the unfinished bridge over the Dnipro river. After work on the bridge was considerably underway the government ran out of money. If you want to see why check out the ousted president, Viktor Yanukovych's house and...

Living in the zone

Is it possible to live a normal life in a radioactive exclusion zone? These people are living proof that it is.

Inside Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Rare photos from a trip in September 2015 inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, including photos from the reactor 3/4 building and reactor 3 control room. Reactor 4 exploded in an accident in 1986 and is still chucking out radiation today!

The Chernobyl Sarcophagus

At an estimated cost of $3 billion pledged from countries worldwide, work is now underway on a new Sarcophagus to allow the dismantling of reactor number 4 of the Chernobyl Power Plant. These photos were taken September 2015, just before the shelter is due to be slid into place.

Ancient Babylon

The remains of the ancient famed city of Babylon sit in the fertile Mesopotamian plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers about fifty miles south of Baghdad in Iraq. Its hanging gardens were one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Iraqi National Museum, Baghdad

The Iraqi National Museum contains exhibits dating back to the birth of civilisation. It was not open to regular Iraqi people when we visited in 2012 because of the current security situation but the staff there were working very hard towards a point when they hope it will be open for anyone to visit.

Baghdad, Iraq

An excerpt from my photo journal arriving in Baghdad, in October 2012 after the withdrawal of the American’s and before Islamic State took hold and destroyed large parts of Iraq months later.