Cobra Mist

The top secret Cobra Mist project. An Anglo American Cold War collaboration in experimental over the horizon radar based on an isolated windswept shingle spit off the Suffolk Coast.

Rhydymwyn Valley Works

A former chemical weapons factory in the UK producing pyro and mustard gas which later played a role in the development of the worlds first atomic bomb and whose huge underground storage tunnels were once considered as a location to store the nations gold reserves in times of war.

Parc Lead Mine

Parc lead mine – a wet cold and rapidly deteriorating place that was the location of the Bidston Tidal Experiment which aimed to measure the tilt of the coastline due to the movement of the tides.

Redsands Sea Forts

Even with favourable tides it still takes an hour from land to reach these isolated monsters which protected London against the Nazi bombs and rockets of World War II. They are now abandoned and unused, rusting in the water 6 miles from the coast around the Thames Estuary.

RAF Thurleigh

Built in 1940 for RAF Bomber command and later home to the United States Army Air Forces bomber operations against Nazi Germany.

Now partially derelict and abandoned.