Brdy is a former soviet Surface to Air Missile base – rumoured at one point to have held a secret deployment of nuclear warheads targeted at West Germany, but as far as I can find there is no written evidence of this.

Following the collapse of communism the site became a Czech Army SAM site, until it was abandoned in 1993.

The USA planned on using it as part of their European Interceptor system. Brdy would have housed radar equipment which would have fed live information to the interceptor missile site in Poland, which in turn would have launched surface to air interceptor missiles to take down warheads in flight before they reached the states, or their intended targets in Europe. But the proposals were not popular with Russia, and president Obama withdrew them in favour of a system sited entirely in Poland, which is due to be completed in 2018, much to the Czech’s disappointment.

Now Brdy former SAM site lies abandoned.

Check back later for a full article about the interesting history of the place… but in the meantime, here is the photoset from March 2016.