Mining started here around 1750 and Parc Lead Mine was the last mine in the area to close, surviving until 1963. Twentieth century investment and new technology improved its efficiency, and it was relatively profitable during the 1950s until American lead imports caused ore prices to fall. When work ended in 1958, several local miners emigrated to work in the American mines. In 1962 and 1963 the complex was reopened for a research experiment into automated milling techniques.

Later the underground workings were also the home of the Bidston Tidal Experiment, an attempt to measure the tilt of the coastline due to the movement of the tides – but it didn’t work.

Today it is abandoned and like many mines in this area the underground workings have deteriorated significantly. Most entrances are securely gated, but there is still access Рalthough entering the mine is strongly discouraged!