Well, when in Italy for the first time I suppose it has to be done. The¬†Colosseum. The Romans used this place as a venue¬†that held an average audience of 65,000 a time and because of its excellent design with entrances all around the exterior channeling people to the centre it could be filled and emptied within minutes. Now the Italians have sealed most of those entrances off with very ugly looking steel fences and employed the slowest staff known to man in order to ensure that most visits involve queueing for well over an hour to get anywhere near the place. Unless you pay extra for a tour of course, in which case someone with a home made badge extracts you from the queue, takes you through the turn-styles and then vanishes into thin air. Presumably to do the same to some other unsuspecting queue dweller, either way if you don’t want the wait I highly recommend it.