In February 2014 people were dying in violent clashes with police in the protest camp setup in Independence Square. President Viktor Yanukovych’s close ties with Russia, which distanced the country further from the EU were not proving popular and there seemed to be no way of crushing the uprising. Despite announcing he had reached an agreement with the opposition, Yanukovych knew it was over. On the 21st February he instructed the workers at his massive country estate not to come to work, later that day he collected as much gold and money we he could, boarded his helicopter and started his journey to Russia where he now lives in exile.

The nationalist protesters entered the grounds of his former residence and what they found was amazing. The scale of luxury was simply unbelievable, beyond words, including a life sized bread loaf made entirely of gold which he did not have time to take with him.

With a new government in place the current occupiers now know they are there illegally and are waiting for the new government to decide their fate, but in the meantime they have opened up the estate so that people can see where their money went under Viktor Yanukovych. Children now play on his private golf courses and drink cola by the lakes. His private sauna and summer house has been taken over as a tea shop, and in a different part of the estate around 300 refugee’s fleeing the war with Russia in Eastern Ukraine now live, relying on donations from visitors. His private airport is abandoned, the security cameras now no longer watched by anyone point down at the floor, or up at the sky.