Unsurprisingly there seems to be little information about Saddam Hussein’s Palace at the ancient site of Babylon, other than to say in typical Saddam egotistic style he insisted it was built on the ground above Babylon, so as it was above the historical site, and overlooked it.

He also placed bricks with his name on them in the walls of Babylon itself, alongside the bricks inserted by the great rulers of Mesopotamia before him hundreds of years ago.

The photos here are from a rather hasty visit in 2012, after the illegal American occupation had finished but before the Iraqi’s had properly gotten round to exploiting the place for themselves again. It was only a very brief visit with limited camera gear, so please forgive the rather poor photos! The non Arabic signs and graffiti, and most probably the basketball hoop would have been later additions by the Americans when they used Babylon as a base during the invasion.