This is the bunker complex from where Admiral Karl Dönitz along with other top officers from the Kreigsmarine would have commanded the German U-Boat’s towards the end of WWII as they co-ordinated the deadly U-Boat attacks as part of the Battle for the Atlantic. It was also on this site that Lieutenant Commander Stauffenberg plotted his 20th July 1944 assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler made famous by the 2008 film Valkyrie. Many of the surface buildings were destroyed by the Russians, but the news bunker, deep underground still remains today, as does the remains of Dönitz’s house and several fire ponds and rubble from anti aircraft bunkers.

Lager Koralle, (literally translated: Camp Coral) was a military complex situated in a dense forest just north of Bernau, near Berlin in Germany. It was originally built in 1939 by the Nazi’s as a Naval intelligence school, but with the threat from allied bombs increasing, in 1943 the Central Leadership of the High Command of the German Navy, led by Admiral Karl Dönitz, took over the camp, and moved its headquarters there. A large underground bunker at the camp became the U-Boat command center, and a long wave radio system transmitted coded messages from the bunker to the fleet of German U-Boat submarines, operating in oceans all over the world.

After Berlin became surrounded following the advances of the Soviet army, on the 19th April 1945 the command moved to a temporary location ‘Forelle’. This was a camp on the grounds of the former five lake barracks in Plon / Holstein, but after only 8 days, on 2nd May, with the British troops advancing on Plon, Karl Dönitz the last commander of the German Armed Forces, moved again, this time to Flensburg – Murwik.

To protect the remains, which is on private land the map location of this area is not precise – contact me if you want more information.